• Nature and Neuroscience: Green space and stress

    Research testing cortisol levels in saliva sought to measure the stress neuroendocrine system in relation to the everyday environments that people live in. The research found that there were significant differences in stress patterns between men and women. Women with less access to green space had the highest stress levels. Women with more access to […]

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  • Nature and Neuroscience: The urban brain

    2013 research from a team at Heriot-Watt University has found that a short walk in nature increases meditative feelings and reduces feelings of frustration. Relevance This exciting piece of research is the first to use neuro-headsets to measure what is happening within the brain, whilst in situ in a natural setting. Due to the heavy […]

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  • Nature and Neuroscience: Rumination

    Recent research from the University of Stanford has shown how time in nature has a calming affect on us by monitoring what is happening within our brain when we spend time in nature. The research found that walking in nature reduces rumination, our capacity for negative self talk. Relevance As more of us move into […]

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